About us

About Us

It´s quite true cats are more independent than dogs...however it doesn’t mean they do not miss their families, do not feel sad or do not need company! Every mum or dad of a cat knows that their feline children Love “their humans” and need Love!

What if you could travel with no worries, knowing that your Cat is well cared and happy? What if he/she was in a safe place, with 24/7 monitoring, having a lot of fun, relaxing and having a vacation as well?

Considering that our cats are like sons and daughters to us and thinking about mummy and daddy’s tranquility, we opened CatConforto: a hotel exclusively for cats, where each and every cat or cat family has an individual room. No cages or contact with cats stranger to them! Your cat stays in a room packed with toys, a bed, scratchers and other treats! They are looked after by people who are expert in cats and their special needs, and above all, people who love felines! Your cat stayswith us feeling inhis/her second home!

Everything was well thought out: a calm place, which minimizes the stress caused by the environment change and the absence of the loved ones. Being the only hotel exclusively for cats with 24/7 monitoring, our main concern is the safety of the cats and the tranquility of the owners.

Cat Conforto: Your cat’s 2nd home!

Who will look after my Cat?

A true cat lover, Silvia Garwood has been a cat mother for 14 years, currently with 7 cats and a dog who believes to be a cat! She has been working looking after cats, on an informal basis, for 5 years and realizing how fulfilling this has been to her, she decided to turn it into something bigger and cool!

She has been working for 10 years in ONGs which assist underprivileged cats and is currently a volunteer at AUG, particularly taking care of new born kittens that lost their mothers.

With years of experience working with all kinds of felines – wild, needy, happy, scared, naughty, etc. – she acquired plenty of knowledge about understanding their peculiarities and respecting their individual characteristics! Love of cats and patience are things which are always present at Cat Conforto!

Working with something she loves has always been her dream....and it became true!


Here is our phone number (and Whatsapp) (11) 98430-9805
The first and only Hotel for Cats in São Paulo with 24/7 monitoring!