How does it work?

Vaccine certificate

In order to be a guest at Cat Conforto, cats must have all vaccines updated! When checking in, it’s required to present the certificate (it may be scanned and previously sent by e-mail to:

Required documents

It’s necessary to bring a copy of an ID document with a picture and a proof of residence in the name of the person responsible for the stay ( they may be scanned and sent by e-mail to:


So as to prevent contamination and protect the cats, the application of an anti-flea medication (provided by the owner) is required when checking in.

Cat food

The owner is required to bring the cat food his/her cat  is used to eating, in sufficient quantity for the stay(it’s not advisable to change the food they are used to eating at home)

* All rooms at CatConforto have everything your cat needs… however, as they are getting into a place still unfamiliar to them, it’s recommended to bring a piece of clothing with your “smell”, your cat’s favorite toys and, if there is one, a blanket your cat doesn’t sleep without… anything you believe your cat will like to have together.

** Cats over 14 years old are required to bring a Vet health certificate.

Here is our phone number (and Whatsapp) (11) 98430-9805
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